Cladorhiza abyssicola

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A: Type specimen from Lofoten, 550 m, approximately 60 mm high, from SARS (1872);

B: Specimen from MAR, Logatchevvent site, DiversExpedition, dive 3668, 3012 m, with oocytes and embryo; scale bar 3 mm;

C: Style and anisochelae; scale bar 30 µm;

D: Anisochela; scale bar 5 µm;

E: Sigmas; scale bar 25 µm;

F: Sigmancistra; scale bar 8 µm.

From Denisia 18

Photographer: Sars (1872) & Lundbeck (1905). Publisher: Allen, Chris.

Sars (1872) & Lundbeck (1905)
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