Cladorhiza segonzaci

Creative Commons Licence

Cladorhiza segonzaci from 17°23.11 ′ S, 113°11.60 ′ W, at 2,581 m. A, view of the holotype (left), two paratypes and a fragment of a paratype (scale bar: 3 mm). B, style (scale bar: 90 µm). C, developmental stage of anisochela (scale bar: 3.1 μm). D, anisochela (scale bar: 3.7 μm). E, anisochela, back view (scale bar: 3.2µm). F, sigma (scale bar: 12 µm). G, sigmancistra (scale bar: 5.3 µm). H, sigmancistra (scale bar: 5.3 µm)

Photographer: Jean Vacelet. Publisher: Allen, Chris.

Jean Vacelet
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